American Wrestler: The Wizard (2017)

American Wrestler: The Wizard Subtitle

Drama, Sport

2017 Year 117 Mins 6.9 Imdb

William Fichtner, Jon Voight, Lia Marie Johnson

In 1980, a teenage boy escapes the unrest in Iran only to face more hostility in America, due to the hostage crisis. Determined to fit in, he joins the school's floundering wrestling team.

Moto 8: The Movie (2016)

Moto 8: The Movie Subtitle


2016 Year 61 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Haiden Deegan, Josh Hill, Dean Wilson

The world's favorite dirtbike film series returns in 2016 with MOTO 8. Once again bringing the greatest riders in the game to the most epic locations, MOTO 8 gives viewers the most badass ... 

Tracktown (2017)

Tracktown Subtitle

Drama, Sport

2017 Year 88 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Alexi Pappas, Chase Offerle, Rachel Dratch

A young, talented, and lonely long-distance runner twists her ankle as she prepares for the Olympic Trials and must do something she's never done before: take a day off.

The Silver Season (2008)

The Silver Season Subtitle

Drama, Sport

2008 Year 108 Mins 6.0 Imdb

Eita, Rena Tanaka, Tetsuji Tamayama

The arrival of a bride-to-be shakes a hapless ski resort and proves to the three young down-and-out local skiers that there is much more to life than they think.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962)

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Subtitle

Drama, Sport

1962 Year 104 Mins 7.7 Imdb

Michael Redgrave, Tom Courtenay, Avis Bunnage

A juvenile offender at a tough reform school impresses its governor with his running ability and is encouraged to compete in an upcoming race, but faces ridicule from his peers.

Gutterballs (2008)

Gutterballs Subtitle

Comedy, Horror, Sport

2008 Year 96 Mins 4.7 Imdb

Alastair Gamble, Mihola Terzic, Nathan Witte

A bowling night will turn into a bloody death match for a team of teenagers, as a deranged serial killer is taking them down one by one.

Back on Track (2013)

Back on Track Subtitle

Comedy, Drama, Sport

2013 Year 114 Mins 7.2 Imdb

Dieter Hallervorden, Tatja Seibt, Heike Makatsch

A former Olympic champion wants to compete in the Berlin Marathon one last time.

Movie Movie (1979)

Movie Movie Subtitle

Comedy, Musical, Sport

1979 Year 105 Mins 6.6 Imdb

George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Red Buttons

Three movie genres of the 1930s, boxing films, WWI aviation dramas, and backstage Broadway musicals, are satirized using the same cast.

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Mystery, Alaska Subtitle

Comedy, Drama, Sport

1999 Year 119 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Russell Crowe, Burt Reynolds, Hank Azaria

This comedy is about the residents of a small town who get over-excited when their hockey team gets chosen to host a televised event

The Hurt Business (2016)

The Hurt Business Subtitle

Documentary, Sport

2016 Year 107 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Luke Adams, Ben Askren, Josh Barnett

From the producers of 'Bowling for Columbine', 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Generation Iron' comes 'The Hurt Business' which examines the rise of mixed martial arts fighting through the eyes of today's top stars.