American Fable (2017)

American Fable Subtitle


2017 Year 96 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Peyton Kennedy, Richard Schiff, Kip Pardue

When 11-year-old Gitty discovers that her beloved father is hiding a wealthy man in her family's silo in order to save their struggling farm, she is forced to choose between saving the ... 

Taj Mahal (2015)

Taj Mahal Subtitle


2015 Year 91 Mins 5.4 Imdb

Stacy Martin, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Gina McKee

November 2008. When her parents go out for diner, Louise, 18-years old, finds herself trapped in a room of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai during a terrorist attack.

Counter Clockwise (2016)

Counter Clockwise Subtitle

Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

2016 Year 91 Mins 3.8 Imdb

Bruno Amato, Cleo Antonelli, Brad Bishop

By inventively merging mind-bending science fiction with dark comedy, COUNTER CLOCKWISE delivers a hugely entertaining thriller about a befuddled time traveling scientist caught up in a ... 

Sleuth (1973)

Sleuth Subtitle

Mystery, Thriller

1973 Year 138 Mins 8.1 Imdb

Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Alec Cawthorne

A man who loves games and theater invites his wife's lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results.

Gold (2017)

Gold Subtitle

Adventure, Drama, Thriller

2017 Year 120 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard

Kenny Wells, a prospector desperate for a lucky break, teams up with a similarly eager geologist and sets off on a journey to find gold in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia.

Blowtorch (2017)

Blowtorch Subtitle

Crime, Drama, Thriller

2017 Year 80 Mins 5.3 Imdb

Lois Robbins, Jared Abrahamson, Armand Assante

Blowtorch is the Brooklyn story of Ann Willis, a recently widowed and financially struggling, mother of three. When her oldest son is murdered, she inexorably takes the investigation into her own hands.

The Man with a Cloak (1952)

The Man with a Cloak Subtitle

Crime, Drama, Thriller

1952 Year 84 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Joseph Cotten, Barbara Stanwyck, Louis Calhern

In 1848 NYC, a Frenchwoman visits exiled former French Marshal Thevenet to ask for his financial help in behalf of his French grandson but Thevenet's house staff schemes to kill him and take his fortune.

Red Bear (2003)

Red Bear Subtitle

Crime, Drama, Thriller

2003 Year 95 Mins 7.2 Imdb

Julio Chávez, Soledad Villamil, Luis Machín

Bear has never gotten over the separation from his wife and daughter after having been convicted for armed robbery and homicide and sent to prison. Now he is out, to finally get his cut of ... 

Que Dios nos perdone (2016)

Que Dios nos perdone Subtitle


2016 Year 127 Mins 7.6 Imdb

Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo, Javier Pereira

Inspectors Velarde and Alfaro must find what appears to be a serial killer, This hunt against the clock will make them realize something they'd never thought about: neither one of them is that different from the killer.

Deadly Sanctuary (2015)

Deadly Sanctuary Subtitle

Family, Mystery, Thriller

2015 Year 100 Mins 4.8 Imdb

Eric Roberts, Dean Cain, Paul Greene

A reporter, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy working for a newspaper in an isolated small town, where she strives to uncover the horrifying secret of a vanished reporter, two dead teenage girls and an attractive cowboy.