One Little Indian (1973)

One Little Indian Subtitle

Comedy, Family, Western

1973 Year 90 Mins 6.6 Imdb

James Garner, Vera Miles, Pat Hingle

On the run from the Cavalry, a man tries to disappear while accompanied by two camels and a runaway boy. His escape is made harder when he meets a widow and her daughter who may turn him in.

Wind River (2001)

Wind River Subtitle

Drama, Family, Western

2001 Year 97 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Blake Heron, A Martinez, Russell Means

The 1854 Wyoming historical drama is based on Tom Shell's adaptation of the true life memoirs of Pony Express rider Nick Wilson.

The Ballad of Little Jo (1993)

The Ballad of Little Jo Subtitle

Drama, Romance, Western

1993 Year 121 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Suzy Amis, Bo Hopkins, Ian McKellen

Based on a true story, this is the tale of Josephine Monaghan, a young woman of the mid-19th century who is thrown out of her parents' home after being seduced by the family's portrait ... 

Alias Jesse James (1959)

Alias Jesse James Subtitle

Comedy, Romance, Western

1959 Year 92 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, Wendell Corey

The outlaw T.J. 'Jesse' James tries to kill insurance agent Milford Farnsworth who has been mistaken for him in order to collect on a big policy.

Grey Owl (1999)

Grey Owl Subtitle

Biography, Drama, Western

1999 Year 118 Mins 6.0 Imdb

Pierce Brosnan, Stewart Bick, Vlasta Vrana

The story of the life and work of the Canadian fur trapper-turned-conservationist who claimed to be an aboriginal North American.

Tumbleweed (1953)

Tumbleweed Subtitle


1953 Year 79 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Audie Murphy, Lori Nelson, Chill Wills

Jim Harvey is hired to guard a small wagon train as it makes its way west. The train is attacked by Indians and Harvey, hoping to persuade Aguila, the chief, to call off the attack due to ... 

The Savage (1952)

The Savage Subtitle

Action, Romance, Western

1952 Year 95 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Charlton Heston, Susan Morrow, Peter Hansen

The only white survivor of a Crow Indian raid on a wagon train is a young boy. He is rescued by the Sioux, and the Sioux chief raises him as an Indian in very way. Years later, the white ... 

The Quick Gun (1964)

The Quick Gun Subtitle


1964 Year 87 Mins 5.7 Imdb

Audie Murphy, Merry Anders, James Best

Gunslinger Clint Cooper returns to his hometown to help fight off a raid by his former gang.

Winnetou & Old Shatterhand (2016)

Winnetou & Old Shatterhand Subtitle


2016 Year 117 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Nik Xhelilaj, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Jürgen Vogel

Apache chief Winnetou forms a friendship with a German immigrant named Old Shatterhand.

Tall Man Riding (1955)

Tall Man Riding Subtitle


1955 Year 83 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Randolph Scott, Dorothy Malone, Peggie Castle

Larry Madden returns after several years still vowing to avenge himself against the humiliating whipping he received at the hands of cattle baron Tucker Ordway.