Johnny Hamlet (1972)

Johnny Hamlet Subtitle

Drama, Western

1972 Year 91 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Andrea Giordana, Gilbert Roland, Horst Frank

On his way back from the Civil War, Johnny Hamilton is visited in his sleep by the ghost of his father who lets him know that he has been murdered and who asks him to avenge him. Back in ... 

Dakota (1945)

Dakota Subtitle


1945 Year 82 Mins 6.0 Imdb

John Wayne, Vera Ralston, Walter Brennan

In 1871 Dakota, two crooked businessmen oppose the local wheat farmers and the railroad development, in order to control the town of Fargo.

Lawman (1971)

Lawman Subtitle


1971 Year 99 Mins 7.0 Imdb

Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb

A lawman from Bannock arrives in Sabbath to arrest all the cattlemen whose wild celebration the year before resulted in the accidental death of an old man.

Sunset in the West (1950)

Sunset in the West Subtitle


1950 Year 67 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Roy Rogers, Trigger, Estelita Rodriguez

Roy puts a stop to gun smuggling.

The Texican (1966)

The Texican Subtitle

Adventure, Romance, Western

1966 Year 91 Mins 5.9 Imdb

Audie Murphy, Broderick Crawford, Diana Lorys

Wanted north of the border, Jess Carlin resides safely in Mexico. Then he hears his brother was killed in a gunfight with another man. Knowning his brother never carried a gun he heads ... 

The Taste of Violence (1961)

The Taste of Violence Subtitle


1961 Year 85 Mins 7.5 Imdb

Robert Hossein, Giovanna Ralli, Mario Adorf

"This European "western" by Robert Hossein (scripter, director, and lead) is set in an unnamed Latin American country suffering under a dictator. A revolution is underway, or at least there... 

Blue (1968)

Blue Subtitle

Romance, Western

1968 Year 113 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Terence Stamp, Joanna Pettet, Karl Malden

A Mexican bandit, part of a gang led by his father, goes on a raid into the U.S. He falls for a beautiful woman and decides to leave his life of crime and settle down with her. Eventually ... 

Rage at Dawn (1955)

Rage at Dawn Subtitle


1955 Year 87 Mins 6.1 Imdb

Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers

A special agent from Chicago is sent out west to bring in the notorious Reno brothers.

Cheyenne Autumn (1964)

Cheyenne Autumn Subtitle

Drama, History, Western

1964 Year 154 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, Karl Malden

The Cheyenne, tired of broken U.S. government promises, head for their ancestral lands but a sympathetic cavalry officer is tasked to bring them back to their reservation.

The Violent Men (1955)

The Violent Men Subtitle


1955 Year 96 Mins 7.0 Imdb

Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson

A Union ex-officer plans to sell up to Anchor Ranch and move east with his fiancee, but the low price offered by Anchor's crippled owner and the outfit's bully-boy tactics make him think ...