• Ghost of Goodnight Lane

Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

Comedy, Horror

2014 Year 96 Mins 4.5 Imdb

Billy Zane, Lacey Chabert, Matt Dallas

When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. But will they ever get out alive?



Movie Information

  • Production Co: FTG Media
  • Released: 10 June 2014
  • Imdb Rating: 4.5
  • Runtime: 96 Mins.
  • Writer: Amy Acosta, Alin Bijan
  • Director: Alin Bijan
  • Cast: Billy Zane, Lacey Chabert, Matt Dallas