Haunted (2017)

Haunted Subtitle

Horror, Thriller

2017 Year 86 Mins 4.8 Imdb

Roberto D'Antona, Michael Segal, David White

An aspiring writer pays a visit to his sister to look after her house while she is out of town, but what he finds there is more terrifying than any of the stories he writes.

Madame (2017)

Madame Subtitle

Comedy, Drama

2017 Year 91 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel, Rossy de Palma

Adding a little spice to a waning marriage, Anne and Bob, a wealthy and well-connected American couple, move into a manor house in romantic Paris. While preparing a particularly luxurious ... 

Broken Mile (2017)

Broken Mile Subtitle

Crime, Drama, Thriller

2017 Year 82 Mins 5.1 Imdb

Francesco Filice, Caleigh Le Grand, Patrick McFadden

A drug addict awakens to find the girl he is with is dead, and must rush to escape the consequences. A real-time thriller presented in a single, unbroken take.

Baltimore Rising (2017)

Baltimore Rising Subtitle


2017 Year 93 Mins 5.6 Imdb

Devin Allen, Genard Shadow Barr, Elijah Cummings

Baltimore Rising follows activists, police officers, community leaders and gang affiliates, who struggle to hold Baltimore together in the wake of Freddie Gray's death in police custody.

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios (2017)

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios Subtitle


2017 Year 110 Mins 6.6 Imdb

Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Manuel 'Guajiro' Mirabal

Revisit with the remaining original members of the Buena Vista Social Club and explore their contribution to the unknown history of Cuba.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (2017)

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story Subtitle

Documentary, Biography, History

2017 Year 90 Mins 7.6 Imdb

Nino Amareno, Charles Amirkhanian, Jeanine Basinger

The world's most beautiful woman was also the secret inventor of secure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS communications, but her arresting looks stood in the way of her being given the credit she deserved--until now.

Meatball Machine Kodoku (2017)

Meatball Machine Kodoku Subtitle

Action, Comedy, Horror

2017 Year 108 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Tomori Abe, Kensuke Ashihara, Satoshi Eishima

A long-awaited sequel to the internationally acclaimed full-throttle splatter sci-fi action horror "Meatball Machine".

Bird (1988)

Bird Subtitle

Biography, Drama, Music

1988 Year 161 Mins 7.2 Imdb

Forest Whitaker, Diane Venora, Michael Zelniker

The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie "Bird" Parker.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

A Christmas Prince Subtitle


2017 Year N/A Mins 6.0 Imdb

Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight

When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy prince, she gets tangled in some royal intrigue and ends up finding love - but will she be able to keep up her lie?

Hush Money (2017)

Hush Money Subtitle

Drama, Thriller

2017 Year 90 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Kennedy Waite, Joshua Ray, Rodney Grier

An art teacher's plans fall apart when he kidnaps a ballplayer's daughter to repay a debt to a ruthless mob boss.